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Linen and cotton baby wipes

Linen and cotton baby wipes

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Introducing our organic baby wipes. Made from 100% natural linen and cotton, these wipes are chlorine-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring gentle care for your baby's skin. These cleaning wipes can be used dry or wet, absorbing moisture like a sponge and effectively cleaning with their unique blend of cotton and linen fibers. The linen provides a mild exfoliating effect, making these wipes an essential part of your nursing pads and baby essentials collection.


  • Material: Linen (30%), Cotton (70%).
  • Size: 4 x 7 inches (10 x 18 cm).
  • Quantity: 40 wipes per pack.
  • For All Skin Types: Hypoallergenic and gentle, these baby wipes are perfect for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Durable: These linen and cotton wipes do not deform, delaminate, or leave short fibers behind.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our zero waste wipes are made from oxygen-bleached cotton and linen without chlorine.
  • 2-in-1 Use: These cleaning wipes can be used dry or with added liquids, ideal for cleansing, disinfecting, and applying treatments.
  • Excellent Absorbency: Quickly absorbs and distributes moisture, leaving skin clean and refreshed. 
  • Exfoliating Effect: Linen fibers provide a gentle scrub, promoting cell renewal.
  • Neutral pH: Ensures minimal risk of irritation.
  • Antibacterial: Cotton and linen naturally inhibit bacterial growth, reducing the risk of self-contamination.
  • Sustainable: No wood pulp, contributing to tree conservation and reduced carbon emissions. 

Recommended Uses:

  • Daily care for your baby's delicate skin with our organic baby wipes;
  • Maintaining hygiene during outdoor activities using our baby essentials;
  • During medical procedures as nursing pads;
  • For applying disinfectants, medicinal, and cosmetic products as cleaning products.

Make the perfect first time mom gift with organic baby wipes, an essential addition to your nursing essentials and cleaning products.


~ Material: Linen (30%), Cotton (70%).
~ Size: 4 x 7 inches (10 x 18 cm).
~ Quantity: 40 wipes per pack.


  • Organic linen and cotton

Care Instructions

Biodegradable: decomposes under biological factors; part of "Green Economy" and "Zero Waste" initiatives.


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